EXCELLENCE – San Paolo fold Gardolo 3-2

SAN PAOLO – The San Paolo struggled and not a little to beat the rear Gardolo at the end of an exciting match with five goals. The match was released in the 19th minute of the first half: Hofer’s cross and a winning conclusion by Righetti. Six from the end of the first half, the San Paolo doubles with Oberrauch, able to enter the Trentino area and beat Clementi. In the second half Gardolo has a surge of pride. At 14 ‘Trentini launches Qela face to face with the home goalkeeper, the Gardolo player does not disappoint and shortens the distance. Qela himself equalized the score three minutes later: Menghini’s throw and Qela’s left-footed volley that ended in the net. At 37 ‘the San Paolo cuts the wings of the yellow and blue: Fabi’s winning touch after a scrum and ball in the net.


RETI: 19′ pt Righetti (SP), 39′ pt Oberrauch (SP), 14′ st e 17′ st Qela (G), 37′ st Fabi (SP)
SAN PAOLO: Passarella, Sammah, Ohnewein, Hofer, Oberrauch, Danieli, Donadio, De Vito (23 ‘st En Naimi), Mair, Righetti, Kössler (18’ st Fabi). Herds Mayr
GARDOLO: Clementi, Taissir (3 ‘st Cetto), Pola, Bortolotti, Cadonna (40’ st Andreatta), Menghini, Qela, Catino, Ferrai, Trentini, Bazzoli (8 ‘st Louraoui). Herds Squadrani
REFEREE: Azam from Arco Riva (Parisi from Rovereto and Plotegher from Trento)
NOTES: Passarella, Sammah, Oberrauch, Nair (SP), Taissir, Pola, Menghini, Qela (G) are warned; expelled Ferrai (G)



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