Eure-et-Loir. Stabbings, baseball bat: back on a revenge that could have gone wrong

One of the attackers used a baseball bat to attack his victims. ©Ewen Roberts/CC/Flickr

“It’s a miracle that there was no death in this story! This is the terrible observation made by Eugénie Lallartthe presiding judge, following a judgment on two closely related cases.

Four men involved in settling scores between two Perche families have been sentenced by the criminal court ofAlencon (Orne).

This unusual affair, characterized by two evenings of extreme violence, took root on Saturday November 13, 2021. That evening, around 11 p.m., Erwan*, 18, and his stepfather Bruno* landed with relatives at the home of Valentin*, 19, in Étilleux (Eure-et-Loir).

A dislocated left shoulder

Annoyed, the two men did not appreciate that Valentin had made his girlfriend, Léa*, Erwan’s sister, suffer. A trip initially planned “to discuss” and “to collect Léa’s belongings” according to the defendants.

Except that in reality, once they arrived, they physically and verbally attacked the young victim, who was smoking a cigarette in front of his home. A series of punches and kicks were directed at him.

Result ? A dislocated left shoulder, bruises, lesions and ten days of temporary interruption of work (ITT). “Disembarking at five, in the middle of the night, without warning the person, the attackers clearly wanted to fight it out,” said Hélène Tardif, the deputy public prosecutor.

” I broke down “

Despite his tears, Valentin was also forced to his knees. “I asked him to kneel so that he became aware of the seriousness of the facts. It was not to hit him, but to humiliate him, so that he understood that he himself had humiliated my sister, ”explained Erwan, also prosecuted for violence without incapacity on a friend of Valentin.

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He belted the latter, fighting with her sister Leah in the house, before throwing her on the bed.

Questioned by the president, the defendants described their acts as ” weak while trying to justify them.

“I wanted to protect my kid. I didn’t think, it’s the first time I’ve been violent, ”maintained the father-in-law.

My sister spoke to me, I learned that he was abusing her. I broke down.

“We are not in the Wild West”

A defense swept away by the president of the hearing: “It was not the solution. We had to go see the gendarmes and file a complaint. We do not do justice ourselves, we are not at the Far West ! »

Especially since the story did not end that night. After his assault, Valentin did not file a complaint with the Gendarmerie. Instead, he preferred to lead a “punitive expedition” with his father Luc*, 47, to get revenge.

Two days later, on the evening of Monday November 15, he therefore went shortly before 11 p.m. to the residence of his attackers, in Sablons-sur-Huisne, in the Perche ornais. They were accompanied by four other people, some alcoholics.

Yet armed with a beats, “taken just in case” according to the father, the duo said they went there for the purpose of “discussing”. “Me, when I go to chat with someone, I don’t take a bat,” retorted Eugénie Lallart.

It’s funny in this story, at the beginning there is always the idea of ​​discussing then it goes live.

stab wounds

When they arrived in front of the home, the attackers first arrested Bruno, who was celebrating his 37th birthday with his relatives. “Nice as a surprise! “, quipped the president.

Coming up against their target’s refusal to open, Valentin and Luc ransacked the front door using the bat. The presence of four young children in the accommodation and the explicit threats of the mother of the family, Bruno’s companion, ready to “die” for her “babies”, did not even calm them down.

From there, it all went downhill. On the one hand, Bruno’s spouse grabbed a kitchen knife. She kicked Luc with the knife, which luckily didn’t pierce his coat.

17 stitches

On the other, Luc attacked the couple. In particular, he struck a violent blow with a bat on the head of Bruno, who collapsed, his face bleeding. The 37-year-old received 17 stitches and two days of ITT. His companion, four days because of a hematoma on the hand. “It’s not normal, it went too far,” admitted the author of the blows.

The president of the audience insisted on the drama which was narrowly avoided.

Even with just one hit, he could have stayed there. And at that time, it was the Court of Assizes. You too could have passed through with the stab wounds.

Valentin denied hitting the weapon, contrary to what a witness told investigators. “He denies the beatings, but it doesn’t matter, they are both responsible,” said the deputy public prosecutor. “It is important that they realize that these facts could have led to death”.


For this story, part of “a story of sleeping around”, as Hélène Tardif described it, the Public Prosecutor requested 6 months in prison, including 4 suspended sentences against Valentin, Luc and Erwan, unknown to the courts until ‘here. She asked for more firmness against Bruno, who was on probation at the time of the events, demanding 10 months, 4 of which were suspended. “If volume 1 had not intervened, there would have been no volume 2”, supported Stephanie Longthe lawyer of the attackers of “volume 2”, Valentin and Luc.

In the end, the court sentenced the young Valentin and Erwan to 5 months probation for two years. Luc, Valentin’s father, received a 6-month suspended sentence with a ban on wearing or hold a weapon for three years.

For his part, Bruno was sentenced to 8 months in prison, 4 of which were suspended.

*Assumed names

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