Eriksen on staying at Tottenham: ‘I wish I could decide like in Football Manager’

The window closed and Christian Eriksen remained at Tottenham. It was speculated that the player wanted to leave the team and bet on another challenge, mainly in Spanish football. The athlete looked disappointed and said that his exit does not depend on him, and that he would like to decide as if he were in ‘Football Manager’, a football simulation game.

– I wish I could decide like in Football Manager, but unfortunately I can’t. It’s easy for me to keep a clear head, I don’t read what is written (in the press) that much. I’ve been in football for many years and every year there are a lot of rumours,” he said at a press conference.

Real Madrid was one of those interested in the signing, as well as Juventus. The Old Lady, however, chose to negotiate in the next window, considering that the midfielder’s contract will end and the deal can be done free of charge. Eriksen has made no move to renew his contract with Spurs.

– I know that many people are interested in knowing where I will play. That’s how things work. That’s how it happens when we do well in a top club – pointed out the Dane.



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