«Derby agrarian match. Caputo? He rested, but he’s fine “

Press conference Giampaolo: the words of the Sampdoria coach in view of the Derby della Lanterna

Marco Giampaolotechnician of the Sampdoriapresents the match against the Genoa.

VOLTAGE LOCKER ROOM«First of all we must be aware of what this match represents. The footballers know this. It is very important for our goal and above all it is the derby. A match that is worth 3/4 of the season. The footballers know this. The management is done by itself, but I’m not saying this to simplify. I have my little experience of derby in Genoa, I have always managed them in a certain way. I know what is at stake and I have to ensure that the players are focused on the type of match we want to play ».

EKDAL“We have recovered Ekdal and players to play this match”

CAPUTO«Caputo is fine, he received a stomp but he is fine. We have kept him at rest but he is fine ».

NOT ONLY DERBY«This match is worth much more. It’s not just the Genoa derby during the championship. It is valid for 3/4 of the season for both teams. There are still 360 minutes in Serie A: it’s hard for us, but much harder for those who chase. The stakes are very high “.

NERVOUSNESS«Anyone who plays in Serie A is a high-level player, you have to live up to such a commitment. This match will measure us. They are important matches that mark a border. You have to know how to stay in it and you are a professional therefore already prepared for this type of match. There is no fear. Only awareness of being the protagonist and called to be up to it. The team trained well without nervousness and with awareness. We trained to prepare it in the best possible way according to the characteristics of the opponents ».

MODULO«I still have to make definitive assessments on who is well, who is less well. I still have some evaluations to make ».

DAMSGAARD«Against Salernitana it was an adrenaline-pumping change to ignite the match. He is definitely better because he has been training with us for a couple of weeks. He will be able to get his piece of the match, but he won’t start from the beginning ».

SUPRYAGA«I certainly see it better than 20 days ago. He trains with good consistency and determination. If we play with the two attackers, he has more space. If we play with only one, it has less space. It depends on what you want to do ».

QUAGLIARELLA«Fabio is an absolute value and not just for this match. To date, if we play with the two forwards we have him, Caputo and Supryaga. If we play with only one it is one of them three. The matches are played in sixteen today: there is no team that makes only two or three changes. Every Sunday we end up with five changes, maybe only one we changed less. They can’t think that whoever takes over doesn’t give me the same value as whoever left. The old concept of the starting eleven must be eliminated. I have 23 players of which 16 are owners ».

BLOOD IN THE POST GAME WITH YOSHIDA«Post-match discussions are part of every team that has blood running through its veins. The end of the match in Verona is clear that it made us nervous and angry. But it’s fine. There is and it is right. Things then fall. I don’t like flat calm “.

LOTTA SALVATION“I never thought it was over after Venice. The championship is very balanced. There are games that before they are played can give the idea of ​​a result and then another one arrives. Nobody thought that Inter would lose in Bologna. Nobody thought that Salernitana scored nine points. I don’t make tables. Not stylus classifies. I know that anything can happen on Sundays. I was aware that we had to fight until the end, even after the match against Venezia ».

VITTORIA VALE SALVATION«A win tomorrow would bring us closer to the goal. The math clarifies the picture game after game. We are concentrated and trained to win the derby ».

FANS – «Our fans have always responded present. At home and away, in all the important pre-derby events. The stadium will be full tomorrow. We play at home and they do a lot more than their share».

GENOA«It never occurred to me that in the event of a defeat they played undertone. I don’t even care that they won. Only our game counts. We have a five-point lead. A tough and bad match awaits us, it won’t be Manchester City-Real Madrid. It will be a tough, hard-fought agrarian game. Genoa attacks you, not like Hellas. I expect a dirty game and we have to stay inside the dirt, obtaining quality spaces ».



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