Delonte West entered in the 2022 Big3 League Draft

After several years of total hassle between drugs, legal affairs and several attempts to get out of this hell, Delonte West seems to have once again made the choice to relaunch his life by registering for a selection for the BIG3 League, the famous 3×3 competition led by rapper Ice Cube. As a symbol, he crushed the session and qualified for the Draft next season.

We hope this time will be the right one for Delonte West. This man’s tragic story has repeatedly made headlines in the basketball media and buzz on social media, and not for very happy reasons. Drafted in 24th position in 2004, Delonte had several good seasons in the NBA, notably with the Celtics, the Cavaliers and then in Dallas from 2011. But the boy has not been well for several years when he arrived in Texas. Diagnosed as bipolar in 2008, the psychological illness will gradually take over Redz’s desire to stay clean. Arrested several times in possession of weapons, he gradually piles up pots to the point of no longer being desirable in the NBA because of his plummeting level and his extra-sports business. In 2020, he hit rock bottom: seen on videos in Dallas begging, the whole league is moved by the disastrous situation of his former resident. Mark Cuban, owner of the Mavericks, will come personally to pick him up. The key is an aid program for DW to get back on track… but relapse is never far away and the former leader has cracked down several times. Still arrested a few months ago in a deplorable state, we began to think that the path to redemption seemed doomed. However, the player finally seems to be getting back on the right track and we have recently seen videos and photos of him doing workouts, orange ball in hand. A return to his favorite sport confirmed since he got closer to the BIG3 League, a highly publicized 3×3 competition which brings together former NBA players around matches with rules intended to create the spectacle.

To officially access the BIG3, you have to go through selections put in place in order to keep only the best elements. During the last qualifying session for the Draft of the competition, Delonte thus illustrated himself… by rolling over all the competitors present, the resounding proof that after this infernal decade and beyond all the confusion that he has crossed, Redz remains a basketball player who has played in the NBA and therefore has a completely correct level. It now remains to convince one of the teams in the running to bet on him, but we could therefore see this guy again treading a court as part of a basketball competition from June 18, and it’s really nice to write these lines. He will evolve alongside and against well-known NBA players, such as Joe Johnson or Leandro Barbosa, former best sixth man of the year and champion with the Warriors in 2015. In short, a lot of enthusiasm emerges from this information and we really can’t wait to watch Mr. West practice the basket ball again on our screens.

This is the nice story of the day, a former player who has sunk trying to get out of the mess in which he has been stuck for too long. We will now wait to see how the competition goes for Delonte West, while crossing our fingers so that his old demons do not show the end of their noses again.



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