Decisive weekend for the Huesca La Magia teams

Badminton Huesca La Magia is experiencing its most important weekend of the year in team competitions. The first team plays for permanence in the last concentration of the First Division National League, which consists of four games for each team in Torrejón de Ardoz.

And team B, which failed to save the category in First B, now has a new opportunity to recover it in the promotion phase of the Second Division, which is celebrated in the Alicante town of La Nucia. INEFLleida also participates in this competition with two Binefarenses in its ranks, Eduardo Marco and Belén Foj.

The Huesca La Magia of First National arrives to this last day in penultimate position, twelfth with two wins, and needs to overtake two rivals to tie the permanence, which forces him to get at least a couple of victories in his four games, though you might need even three. Some of the rivals with whom it is going to be measured are direct in that fight and it is those duels that can decide the permanence.

The people from Huesca start the weekend facing Ibiza on Saturday morning, a team that has five wins, but against which you can compete. They will continue in the afternoon against the University of Valladolid, who is second and fights to be promoted to the Honor Division. This is an almost inaccessible duel for Huesca.

And on Sunday the people from Huesca face two direct rivals, as long as they have not left the permanence sentenced on Saturday. These are two Galician clubs. First they will face As Neves and then Athlos, who begin this concentration with four victories, two more than the Huesca.

The team from Huesca attends this appointment with Gonzalo Juste, Sergio Saturque, Josema Plaza, Marina Solano, Lucia Azpeitia, San Sebastian player on loan who will debut with the team, and Andrea Mingarro.

The Badminton team Huesca La Magia plays to recover the First B, just lost. In La Nucía, no more and no less than seventeen teams from all over Spain meet, in search of four places for promotion.

It is a very tough challenge for all participants. The Huesca have been initially framed in Group D with Moratalaz from Madrid and CIDE from the Balearic Islands.

The first of the group will enter the fight for the first six places y They will fight for the four promotions. And the rest will play for the positions that go from seventh down, although they no longer have the option of promotion.

The team from Huesca goes to this appointment with Alejandro Gállego, Alejandro Yagües, Hugo Escuer, Inás Acín, Julia Pomar and Carla Pérez. He is looking forward to it, although it is a very complicated task.

On the other hand, Raúl Bergua and Gonzalo Isábal play the Top Master of Medina del Campo for the sub-15 category, in which they coincide with the best players in Spain in the category. The Huescans start as heads of series 1 and 2 in the individual and as 1 in the doubles. They have, therefore, many options to win the victories, although it will be a tough test against good rivals.


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