Daniel Ruiz vs. La Equidad will fulfill a fan’s dream | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

It has already become a custom in Colombia for fans to go to stadiums with characteristic banners that are seen in European sports venues calling the attention of players looking to receive a shirt, or a gift from their idols. In the Nemesio Camacho El Campín, it is more and more typical that the fans attend with these signs and although it was thought that the 22 soccer players were not pending, Daniel Ruiz will fulfill before La Equidad the dream of a little girl who longs for her shirt, and even a hug.

A revelation, and complete sensation has been the current season of the ’10’ midfielder of Millonarios, Daniel Ruiz. His ability on the field of play during the 90 minutes is not the only thing that catches the attention of the fans, it also seems to be his friendliness towards the fans. Despite the fact that players rarely turn their eyes to the stands to see the banners of the spectators, Ruiz did it through social networks.

So it was, because in the Cafam account, sponsor of Millonarios, announced a draw for the fans that consisted of using the #VivoElFutbolConCafam and a photo with something that identifies them as a blue fan. Santiago Abril, father of a young woman, responded with the following: ‘I want to go with my daughter to see Millos so that Daniel Ruiz fulfills her dream’. The draw prize is five double passes for the match against La Equidad on Friday, April 8.

The photo that Santiago Abril uploaded was with his daughter, raising a banner that said, ‘Daniel Ruiz #10 is my first time in the stadium, I want you to fulfill my dream. Give me the victory and your shirt and I’ll give you a hug’. April tagged Ruiz, and the Bogotano replied the following, ‘Hello! I don’t know your name, but I hope to meet you on Friday at the Campín and that you give me that hug. The shirt is yours!! Let’s go Millions!!!’.

Millonarios will face La Equidad on Friday, April 8, opening day 15. It is expected that the Bogota native can play a great game and performance, in addition to giving the gift to Santiago Abril’s daughter.


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