Dani Calvo, central defender of Oviedo: “The derby? I focus on Leganés”

Oviedo returned to training this morning to prepare for the game against Leganés, on Sunday at the Tartiere (6:15 p.m.). Before the session, the blue center-back Dani Calvo attended the media when he received the award for best player of the month of March, an award given by the Mahou brand and voted on by the fans. Oviedo is experiencing its best moment of the season, in play-off positions and with the derby just two days away. However, in the Carbayona squad they only think about the aforementioned match against Leganés and flee from entering the controversy of the week, after Sporting confirmed that they will not send tickets for the Oviedista fans. Calvo acted as a spokesperson for the squad today and these were his statements.

your personal moment

“In football you go through good times and now I’m in a good one, physical and football. I’m having continuity, I feel important and that makes you play good games”.

team moment

“We have played several games at a high level and we have taken the step away from home. It is a great moment to achieve the third consecutive victory. The dynamic is positive”.

The victory against Cartagena

“It had never happened to me to stay in superiority with three players. You have to know how to manage it, because they have nothing to lose and they are desperate. We have to improve those minutes in case it happens again. Above all, that excess of relaxation”.

Calvo played the play-off with Elche and was promoted

“It can be quite similar to that season in Elche, although we had some setbacks at the end. Let’s see if it doesn’t happen here.”

The illusion of the fans

“It’s vital, especially getting victories in our field. People are getting excited and getting victories at the Tartiere is going to be fundamental”.

The key

“If we want to qualify for the play-off positions we have to give the callus at home and away, which has been our duty. The victory in Cartagena gives us confidence to face the two games in a row away from home, the derby and Alcorcón”.

best player of the month

“I am grateful that you value my work and my level during this month, I hope to be able to continue at this level until the end of the season and achieve the common goal”.

What do you think about Sporting not sending tickets to Oviedo for the derby?

“Honestly, I have nothing to say, I have to focus on the match against Leganés. There will be time to talk about that.”


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