Cristiano Ronaldo’s son arouses passions in the MIC

The Municipal of Torroella de Montgrí presented yesterday an absolute plenary session to watch live a match of the MIC between the Gironès Sàbat and the Manchester United in category U12 (Benjamin). The reason for so much anticipation? Cristiano Ronaldo’s son is among the players of the British team.

Already in the warm-up, the audience was waiting to see the Portuguese star’s son, who on this occasion could not attend the field. But to see him in action they had to wait. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr came out as a substitute in the second half, amid shouts of ‘Siuuuu’ from the audience, the characteristic cry of his father. The youngster, only 11 years old, did not disappoint and, although at first he was a little anxious, he immediately showed that talent can be inherited: In one of the arrivals of the British team , the young promise ended up inside the network. And to make it clear that “pots look like pots”, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr celebrated the goal as everyone expected: “Siuuuuu”!

The party created great anticipation in Torroella, who saw how the field was filled with curious people waiting to see their son – and more than one, with the hope that the father would be present. United played this Thursday morning in L’Escala, with the same delivery of the public, and closes the group stage this afternoon at 7 pm, again in Torroella, who hope to repeat the plenary session on Wednesday.


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