“Count? It’s attached to the checkbook”

The rumors of a possible landing of Antonio Conte on the PSG bench are becoming more and more insistent. The Italian coach, currently Tottenham coach, could take over from Pochettino next season. Meanwhile Jerome Rothen, former player and now commentator for RMC Sport, expressed his concerns about the Argentine’s successor. While acknowledging the skills of the former Juve and Inter Milan, he comments: “PSG doesn’t need someone like him. After listening to his requests, he better stay where he is. Above all, he better not come to a club like Paris Saint-Germain, which needs to rebuild a much more image. healthy “.

Conte’s requests to PSG: 30 million wages, Barella and Lukaku!

Rothen su Conte to Psg

“We need people who are passionate about football; I’m not saying Conte isn’t, but he seems more interested in his checkbook than in coaching Tottenham, PSG or any other team – thunders the former midfielder –. If he arrived with the right reasons then it would be fine, because he has determination and I have the impression that he immediately identifies with the club he coaches. But not under certain economic conditions. Already now we no longer recognize the PSG, its history. If a coach came along with such a high salary … “.

Rmc: “The Psg on Conte, asking for 30 million and Petrachi as ds”

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The PSG makes contacts for Antonio Conte



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