Conqueror Mike Tyson Suggests Tyson Fury Not To Retire From Boxing


The fight Mike Tyson (left) vs Lennox Lewis (right) took place on June 8, 2002. In that duel, Lewis won over Tyson.

JUARA.NET – Boxer who once beat Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, advised Tyson Fury not to retire and continue his career in the ring.

According to Lewis, there are still many other big things that Fury can pursue at this time.

This is evident from Tyson Fury’s success in getting 94,000 fans gathered at Wembley Stadium on the weekend of last Indonesian time (24/4/2022).

Fury has just made history through his duel against Dillian Whyte.

In addition to ensuring that he retains the WBC heavyweight title, the number of spectators in this duel broke the record for the most in Wembley history.

“Tyson Fury has shown incredible performance again,” said the conqueror Mike Tyson, reported by from

“He has shown that he is number one in the current heavyweight division.”

“Besides, let’s talk a little about the economy.”

“Tyson Fury managed to fill Wembley Stadium with 94,000 spectators, which has proven that he has captivated the hearts of fans in England,” he continued.



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