Chanson Cosmetics (6th place this season) dropped the first match. Completely defeated by Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., which was the champion last season and ranked second, 57-80. He was forced to be inferior from beginning to end against opponents who had all the Japanese national team players and exceeded the height. The brink of not being able to lose another one to advance to the final for the first time in 13 seasons. With two consecutive victories from the second round on the 10th, we aim to break through the reversal.

    ◇    ◇    ◇  

Immediately after the start of the match, PF Noguchi Sakura (21) scored a 3-point shot for Chanson Cosmetics, reversing to 3-2. But this was the only time she took the lead. After that, it will be chased. I couldn’t stop the opponent in the 180 cm range, and I struggled to keep the opponent under the goal in the attack. Even so, in the first half alone, PG Captain Haruka Koike (26) scored 7 points and 4 assists. It turned back by 10 points difference of 28-38.

In the third quarter (Q), pass mistakes began to stand out. Allowing the opponent to break through with the amount of exercise, it is difficult to attack. He widened the gap to 16 points and entered the 4th quarter. He narrowed the gap to 12 points at one point, but the momentum of the counterattack did not continue. The success rate of field throwing is 29.3%. He was a big difference from his opponent’s 43.1%.

The winning streak from the first playoff round stopped at “2”, but the stage of the semi-final for the first time in four seasons of the team still continues. I can’t easily get the Queen to win two straight games last season.