Chae Jong-hyeop vs. Kim Mu-jun and Park Joo-hyun, a tense confrontation (You Accelerate)

(Export News Intern Reporter Baek Min-kyung) The confrontation between Chae Jong-hyeop and Kim Moo-jun was caught with Park Joo-hyeon in ‘The speed to you at 493 km’.

In the first and second episodes of KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The Speed ​​To You’, which aired for the first time on the 20th, the story of Park Tae-yang (Park Joo-hyun), who returned to the badminton business team Eunice after 3 years, was drawn. Park Tae-yang, who left the badminton world with only a rumor that he was caught bribing the association, did not deny the rumor and accepted the contempt of his fellow players. However, Yook Jung-hwan (Kim Mu-jun), who started playing on the same team, threatened Park Tae-yang with the truth behind the reason Park Tae-yang quit, making us wonder what the real reason was.

Park Tae-joon (Chae Jong-hyeop) was the only one who welcomed Park Tae-joon, whom no one welcomed. Park Tae-joon, who joined UNICE after being cut off while protesting against the manager from the previous team, wrapped up the bullying Park Tae-yang. In addition, Park Tae-joon is a benefactor who recognized Park Tae-yang’s badminton talent 13 years ago. In addition, Park Tae-joon, who sensed Park Tae-joon’s limitless potential, proposed to him a mixed doubles partner, and Park Tae-joon accepted it and worked together in a mixed doubles team.

In the midst of this, on the 26th, the production team of ‘Accelerate You’ revealed the tense confrontation between Park Tae-joon and Yook Jeong-hwan, who had Park Tae-yang. Within Eunice, the feelings toward Park Taeyang are the most extreme and the two people face each other, creating tension.

First, Park Tae-joon and Yook Jeong-hwan are facing each other by holding Park Tae-yang’s arms. Park Taeyang, who is caught in the middle, is unable to do this or that with an awkward expression. Then, sparks burst between Park Tae-joon and Yook Jeong-hwan, who faced each other one-on-one. What really happened between Park Tae-yang, Park Tae-joon, and Yuk Jeong-hwan? How will their conflict be resolved?

Meanwhile, the 3rd episode of ‘The Speed ​​To You’, which shows the story of Park Joo-hyun between her current partner Chae Jong-hyeop and former colleague Kim Moo-jun, will be broadcast at 9:50 pm on Wednesday, the 27th.

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