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◎Translation: Throw Down
◎Title: Judo Dragon and Tiger List
◎Year 2004
◎Origin Hong Kong
◎Category Story/Action
◎Language Cantonese/Mandarin
◎Release date 2004-07-08 (Hong Kong)
◎IMDb rating 6.9/10 from 1,236 users
◎IMDb link
◎Douban score 7.5/10 from 18,620 users
◎Douban link
◎The film is 95 minutes long
◎Director Johnnie To
◎Scriptwriter Kin-Yee Au / Nai-Hoi Yau / Ye Tiancheng Tin-Shing Yip
◎ starring Louis Koo
Aaron Kwok
Cherrie Ying
Tony Leung Ka Fai
Jordan Chan
Siu-Fai Cheung
Calvin Choi
Hoi-Pang Lo
Takashi Jack Kao
Wong Wah and Wan Woo Wong
Motoaki Bun Yuen

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Situ Bao (played by Louis Koo), who was once known as the “Little King of Judo”, was once a master, but now he has given up judo and has become a depraved gangster who is deeply in debt, addicted to gambling and drinking.
Tony (Aaron Kwok), the new judo champion, came here especially and pointed at Situ Bao for a challenge, trying to compete. His long-time rival, Li Agang (played by Leung Ka Fai), also came to the door to compete with Situ Bao because of an unfinished match that year.
As a result, Tony and Situ Bao became friends. A beautiful girl from Taiwan, Xiao Meng (played by Cherrie Ying), wanted to be a singer, but she was almost plotted against her. She had suffered many times to realize her ideal and hoped that Situ Bao could rekindle her fighting spirit, but it really made him angry. But it was the death of an elderly master (played by Lu Haipeng).
What was the hidden pain that made Situ Bao sink in? Rediscovering his confidence and love for judo, will he be able to defeat his opponent?



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