Ben Simmons back… in the first round of the Playoffs?

What a rascal this Shams Charania. The guy is quietly waiting for France to hang out on Twitter for the reasons you know, he waits a little longer until the first tip-offs of this last evening of the season, and here he drops the bomb of the evening: Ben Simmons could finally be back for the Playoffs, for the… first round of the Playoffs.

First of all, let’s try to remind you of the essentials: the Nets will still have to qualify for the Playoffs, even if fear of us today imagines the opposite. But in the event of a victorious exit from the play-in tournament, which will oppose, as we recall, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Charlotte and Cleveland, Shams Charania therefore tells us tonight that Ben Simmons could be in the game in the first round of the Playoffs. Aim instead, the teaser is SALE.

Sleepers are reminded that Ben Simmons was traded with Seth Curry and Andre Drummond for James Harden during the last trade deadline, we recall that an Irving / Simmons / Durant trio is in the cards but we also recall that Benny has therefore not walked on an NBA floor since last summer and the disastrous conference semi-finals lost by the Sixers against the Hawks, series during which the Australian All-Star had been damned the finger following his performance during the playoff game. A Benny who chokes like all his little comrades, a Benny who refuses the shots and who sees himself designated quite quickly as one of the main responsible for the debacle, even internally moreover, and following that… a long crossing of the desert and a radio silence that will lead the player and his ex-franchise to separate. At last.

Since his arrival in Brooklyn, Ben’s back has creaked, his legs have been heavy, and it’s more the boy’s outfit on the bench that’s causing the talk since BS still hasn’t played a single minute with the Nets. Info to be taken with a grain of salt of course, especially on a last batch evening where the different results will perhaps show us that everyone wants to avoid Brooklyn in the first round, especially the Nets reinforced by the Boomer. Perfect Nets timing so, oh little rascalsat a time when the Bucks have already proven that they would voluntarily let their evening game pass against Cleveland to thereby abandon the second place that no one wants.

Ben Simmons back for the first round? The breaking is timely and may just be a vicious move from the Nets. What we want is obviously to see Benny again, to make fun of him when he refuses to shoot, but also to marvel at his defensive solidity and his power in attack. An observation that obviously does not share the Sixers and the Celtics, potential opponents of the Nets next week on a series in seven. The Sixers? Facing the Nets? By Ben Simmons. Yes, you read correctly.


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