Bayern – BVB: Motivation problems at Bayern? – Football

Bayern – BVB: Motivation problems at Bayern?  – Football

Ten. championships. Behind each other!

That’s exactly what FC Bayern can do on Saturday, in the home game against BVB. But before this Bundesliga hammer of all things, Bayern are struggling with motivation problems!

Bayern reporter Heiko Niedderer in conversation with moderator André Albers in “Stammplatz”, the daily football podcast from BILD: “I’m not quite sure whether the Bayern players are ready. I think there are still a few motivational problems. That resonated with Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann.”

How can that be?

Niedderer: “Nagelsmann philosophized for a long time at the press conference about whether this tenth championship is still something special. He has repeatedly emphasized that players who are not celebrating properly are no longer in the right place.”

Photo: BILD

For the Bayern reporter and insider it is clear: “It does sound that one or the other is a bit out of breath after nine titles in a row.”

So do Bayern have to worry? No, says Niedderer. “If they’re on the pitch on Saturday and can get the trophy against BVB, then all the players will be fully motivated.”

You can hear the whole conversation in the current episode. “Stammplatz” is available at Apple Podcasts, Spotify – and everywhere else that has podcasts!

Other topics in the new “Stammplatz” episode:

► The mega striker duel Erling Haaland against Robert Lewandowski!

► The outlook for the Bundesliga weekend! Especially with a view of the table cellar.

App users can access the podcast here!

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