Basketball Spreads Friendship and Athletes Encourage Ambition – A Documentary of the Basketball League of the First and Second Classes of Linshui Middle School_Competition_Flying_Linshui

Original title: Basketball Passes Friendship and Athletes Encourage Ambition – A Documentary of the Basketball League of the First and Second Classes of Linshui Middle School

Basketball spreads friendship and athlete inspires ambition

The first and second grade basketball league records

In line with the principle of “strengthening quality education and enriching campus life”, all grades have successively held class basketball leagues, tug-of-war competitions, badminton competitions and other activities. These activities not only allow students to learn a lot of knowledge and skills that cannot be learned in the classroom, but also stimulate students’ interest in learning, develop their personality and expertise, and reduce learning pressure.

In the early 2024, Classes 1-6 held a class friendship men’s and women’s relay basketball game on the school’s indoor basketball court. Classes 1-3 are youth teams, and classes 4-6 are flying teams.

As the referee blew the whistle, the girls’ team came on the field first, and after shaking hands, the curtain of battle opened. Serve, dribble, pass, steal, fight… The players on both sides fought vigorously, and the atmosphere immediately became tense. The audience next to them all stared, staring at the basketball that was spinning around, and the cheerleading team was struggling to cheer. I saw Huang Fengya suddenly speeding up, turning left and right for a while, breaking through the opponent’s defense, a tiger jump, and the basketball fell into the frame impartially. “Yeah, a goal!” followed by bursts of applause and cheers.

After the girls finish the first quarter, the boys’ team relays the next three quarters. Flexible dribbling, agile counter-runs, quick steals, precise shots, and tacit cooperation… all hold the hearts of the audience. Seeing the opposite direction running towards him, the agile Zhu Binyang shuttled forward between the cracks and passed the ball to Zou Kai who was outside the three-point line. “Yeah, 3-pointers, 3-pointers.” The boys were sweating profusely on the court, trying their best to fight for their skills, and they were full of youth.

As friends with the ball, there are also the 9th and 10th classes of the 2023 class who are active on the court. You see, the 9th and 10th classes are playing hotly:

The first is the men’s competition. Before the competition, the athletes of the two classes shook hands with each other, showing the good friendship between the two classes. With a whistle resounding through the stadium, the originally quiet field instantly boiled, and the cheers and applause were deafening. On the field, the teenagers sweated, worked hard, and went all out. This blazing sun is so dazzling, but it is not as moving as the flying boy, running and passing the ball seems to have passed through the time and the blazing sun. Adhering to the principle of “friendship first, competition second”, the competition soon entered a white-hot stage. With every ball thrown, there was a burst of cheers.

The second round was the women’s competition. Not to be outdone, the girls went all out to cooperate with the team members tacitly, showing the positive spirit of the students.



Basketball is running at the fingertips, youth is flying in the arena, and happiness is rippling in my heart. I believe that in the future journey of life, the children will also move forward happily with the spirit of hard work!

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