Basketball Semi-Finals Group Matches Have Ended

The semi-final White Group competitions of the Under-18 Men’s Anatolian Championship, organized by the Turkish Basketball Federation, were completed in Malatya.

The competitions that lasted 5 days at Malatya Merkez Sports Hall and Tecde Sports Hall, Zonguldak KDZ Eregli Municipality, Antalya Gelisim Youth, Antalya Güneşi, Istanbul Bahçeşehir College, Sivas Success Comment College, Izmir Bornova Municipality, Ankara Contemporary West Specialization, Çözüm Ankara College, Erzurum College. Teams of GSK, İzmir Gelişim College, Denizli Merkez Efendi Municipality, Samsun Basketball Academy, TED Ankara College, Tokat Academy, Trabzonspor, Eskişehir Yeni Yol Educational Institutions competed.

At the end of the competitions, Antalya Gelişim Youth, İzmir Gelişim College, Antalya Güneşi, TED Ankara College teams qualified to participate in the finals to be held in Sivas.

The results of the last day’s competitions of the organization are as follows:

Antalya Development Youth – Denizli Merkez Efendi Municipality: 80-53

Izmir Gelisim College – Çözüm Ankara College: 79-64

Ankara Contemporary Western Specialization – Antalya Sun: 69-75

TED Ankara College Students – İzmir Bornova Municipality: 47-44


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