Baseball cap. Why do stars like it so much? Here’s how to get it

The baseball cap is one of the trendy accessories for this spring, relaunched by the stars who conceal and flaunt under the flap. This is the peaked cap that features the most popular sports uniforms in the United States. Cleared decades ago from the stadium locker and fully entered the women’s wardrobe, this year the baseball cap becomes the indispensable touch to crown a preppy look with a collegial aftertaste. In addition to being the protagonist of street style, this hat has also become a parsley on the catwalks: from Celine (who made it the star of last spring summer’s show) to the many fashion houses that have produced extra luxury versions. The French brand Celine deserves the merit of having launched it in a haute couture version. There are some rules to follow in order not to risk making mistakes when wearing it. From those of the etiquette that can be easily understood (for example: no to hats from after sunset to dawn; no sports hat at ceremonies or on the red carpet) to the good rules of those who love to always be impeccable. Here are the fashion tips that come directly from the wardrobes, hat boxes and Instagram profiles of divas and influencers. Image from Beatrice Valli’s Instagram profile



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