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2022 Korea Masters Badminton Tournament
It is being held again in Gwangju after 3 years.

As well as local star players such as Lee Yong-dae and Ahn Se-young
World-class players participate
We are playing a high-level game.

This is reporter Cho Hyun-seong’s report.

Lee Yong-dae, who became a playing coach
He teamed up with Kim Jae-hyeon, a junior from his national team.
first day match

The opponent has also won Olympic and world championships.
Chinese players.

After a close battle throughout the game
The set score came from behind to win 2-1.
It was a pleasant start.

*Restaurant (Yonex)
“I am playing in Gwangju for the first time in 3 years due to the corona virus.
In such a good gym, in a good environment
I was very excited to play the game after a long time.
It feels good to win.”

Only national level players from 20 countries
International competition with more than 200 participants

3 years after the last competition in 2019
It started in Gwangju.

especially in the last 3 years
Growing up as a signboard of Korean women’s badminton
Ahn Se-young from Gwangju
It is attracting attention.

Ahn Se-young
Recently, he won the runner-up at the All-Young Open, a major tournament.
Demonstrating the highest level of skills,
He defeated his natural enemy, the Chinese player, who had met 6 times and lost all 6 times.
It remains to be seen whether they can claim their second championship title.

*Ahn Se-young (Samsung Life Insurance)
“This is the first tournament I won in Gwangju, and once again I
I will work hard to show you a good side, so
Come see me”

It was originally scheduled to be played without spectators.
This tournament, which can be watched directly due to the relaxation of quarantine guidelines,
It continues until next Sunday.

This is MBC News Cho Hyun-seong.

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Gwangju MBC reporter
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