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“Shinshu Brave Warriors” issues club tokens at FiNANCiE

Next-generation crowdfunding service “FiNANCiE” announced on April 21 that it will issue and sell club tokens for “Shinshu Brave Warriors,” which belongs to professional basketball B.LEAGUE B1. This is the third issue of tokens for the B1 team in “FiNANCiE”.

“Shinshu Brave Warriors” is a professional basketball team that belongs to the B1 west district and is active in Nagano City and Chikuma City as home towns. In addition, in order to meet the future plan of the B League and aim to be the best in Japan, a new project “CLIMB THE MOUNTAINTOP New B1 entry-and to the best in Japan-” has been launched.

The club token issued on FiNANCiE this time will be sold as “Warriors Token”.

As a benefit, “Warriors Token” purchasers have the right to participate in voting projects that are part of the club’s operations, invite them to participatory events, and apply for award lottery. Voting is a mechanism in which the number of votes increases according to the number of tokens held and the probability of winning the lottery privilege changes depending on the ratio of the number of tokens held. In addition, supporters who hold certain tokens will be offered limited benefits.

Currently announced voting plans include “goods development”, “NFT design voting”, “event planning”, and lottery bonus plans include “signed goods present”, “commemorative NFT distribution”, and “limited events”. There is “participation”.

The first sale period of the token is scheduled to be from 11:00 on April 21st to 21:00 on June 6th.

There are 13 types of “Warriors Token” sales menus, and the tokens and benefits that can be obtained for each are different.

In the 10,000pt menu, in addition to giving 10,000pt worth of “Warriors Token”, there are “participation in voting plans and lottery benefits” and “initial supporter commemorative collection”. FinaNCiE points (pt) are points that can only be used on the FiNANCiE platform and can be purchased for 1pt = 1 yen.

Also, as an FT, the “Warriors Token” is not a securities under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, nor is it a cryptographic asset (virtual currency) under the Funds Settlement Act.

The editorial department of “New Economy” received the following comments from Mr. Masahiko Katagai, President of Shinshu Sports Spirit Co., Ltd. regarding this initiative.

“This time, the club’s first token-issuing crowdfunding will start on April 21st at” FiNANCiE “. As a regional club based in Nagano and Chikuma, the Warriors aim not only to raise funds, but also to expand their fan base over a wide area, including the Tokyo metropolitan area, the Chukyo area, and even the Kansai area. Shinshu is a popular “nearby and cheap” tourist destination from home and abroad, and we aim to establish sports tourism in Financier. “

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