ATP > Rinderknech: “Any player who is not in the top 10 in juniors should go to university”

Left to try the adventure in the United States in 2014 at the age of 18 after obtaining his Bac S in France, Arthur Rinderknech then joined the prestigious University of Texas A & M in College Station for four years before becoming a solid player in the world top 100 (57e worldwide this week, editor’s note).

Interviewed by the site Tennis Reportersthe native of Gassin, in the Var department, explains why every young player who is not promised a bright future should follow this path.

“In my opinion, any player who is not in the top 10 in juniors should go to university. It’s a very strong opinion. Unless you are [Carlos] Alcaraz or [Jannik] Sinner or you are among the best junior players, you must go to college in the United States. Because if you are not in the top 10 in the juniors, there is a lot of uncertainty about your future in the professional circuit. Even players who were 10, 13 or even 8 years old disappeared from professional tennis after that. There are hundreds of them. Others get lost playing futures for years, so I would advise them to go to the United States instead. But everyone has their own goals. If they just want to party, they can also party in the United States, but they will forget about tennis. But it is up to them to decide their future. They need to take control of their lives and not depend solely on mom or dad and the trainer. It is therefore a clear-cut opinion, but of course, you need to have good advice from people who know what they are talking about in order to get good advice for choosing your university. »



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