Athletes from Hidalgo secure their pass to Conade Nationals

Hidalgo will again have a presence in the development of the National Games of the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (Conade) in its 2022 edition, at the time the delegation that will compete from the end of May to July consists of 113 athletes in four disciplines: judo, associated wrestling, cycling and archery; but it should be remembered that the qualifiers for other disciplines continue to develop, so the number may increase over the following weeks.

At the moment the largest number of hidalguenses emanate from cycling, who concluded their participation in the macro-regional, based in Oaxaca, when 41 riders qualified, with which there is a total of 65 tickets obtained for the Conade 2022 National Games; 16 of them in the track mode, 18 in the mountains, eight against the clock and 23 on the road; Mountain bikers competed in the San Andrés Huayapam Ecotourism Park, where Valeria Domínguez, Renata Herrera, Santiago García and Eleonaid Acosta won their ticket to the national fair.

Meanwhile, in the youth category B, Gema Ángeles, Zara Godínez and Brayan Arriaga did the same and won their place; while in youth C they were Clarisa Montufar, Johana Godínez, Ximena Herrera, Max Serrano, Enrique Ángeles and Guillermo Olvera; concluding with Ángel Barrón, Iván Aguilar, Habíd Sánchez, Itzel Campos and Aida Menali in the sub 23; for time trials, based in Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Fernanda Cervantes, Gema Ángeles and Adair Ibarra achieved their classification in youth B; likewise, in youth C Clarisa Montuar and Carolina Melo obtained their pass, while in sub 23 they were Jaidy Román, Aida Menali and Edgar Cadena; road cycling, in the bypass of Santa María El Tule, was the modality with the most classified hidalguenses: Valeria Domínguez, Renata Herrera and Farid Hernández in youth A; Juvenile B added the riders Zara Godínez, Betzabe Ibarra, Gema Ángeles, Noé Benítez, Alexis Trejo and Christian Martínez; Johana Godínez, Ximena Herrera, Jaqueline Pérez, Clarisa Montufar, Enrique Ángeles, Leonel Cervantes and Carlos Salinas are the cyclists classified in the youth C; Likewise, María José Cervantes, Jaydi Román, Itzel Campos, Edgar Cadena, Elias Hernández, José Julián López and César Rosquero will travel to the national stage in the sub 23 category.

Meanwhile, the disciplines of Judo and Associated Fights equal the number of representatives in the Conade fair with 19 each: For the Japanese martial art, the 19 athletes who will travel to Sonora to compete for a medal are: in the under 15 category, Keli Olvera in -36 kilograms, Romina Alcántara and Víctor Martínez in the -53 kilogram division; under 18 women, Cinthia Rubio in -40 kilograms, while Kali Olvera did it in -44 and Claudia Martínez in -57 kilograms; likewise, Héctor Montiel, Jorge López, Daniel Alcántara, Mauricio Ordóñez, José Islas and Guillermo Gutiérrez achieved their classification to the national fair; under 21 female, Julieta Santana, Marcela García and María Márquez won their ticket in the divisions of -48, -63 and -70 kilograms respectively; finally, in the same category, the men who will travel to the national stage are: Emiliano Rubio in -60, Alexis Espinosa in -66, Eduardo Hernández in -73 and Bernardo Almeida in -100 kilograms.

The gladiators of Hidalgo who seek a medal in associated fights are: cadet category, Ingrid Olvera, Vanessa Castro and María José Sánchez; freestyle, José Cerón, Brayan Osorio and Maximiliano Coria; Camila Santos in the school category; in freestyle, Erick Noriega, Eduardo Becerra and José Cerón; Also, in the youth category the athletes got their ticket: Athziri Cazares, Ximena Suarez, Emiliano Cabrales, Omar Aldana and Carlos Salazar; Greco-Roman modality, Ángel Cabrales, Luis Fernando García and Omar Guzmán will travel to the national competition.

Finally, the archers and archers who achieved their pass to the national fair are 10 those who will travel to Hermosillo, Sonora, in search of the highest award in national sport, nine passes were obtained in the recurve bow modality, sub 14 women, Sofía Juárez Vergara; under 18 boys Diego Ocampo Salas, José Omar Chávez Hernández and Juan Alberto Ortega; under 21 Hanna Beshielle Plata Witvrun, Ivana Palacios Reyes and Erick Ricardo García Torres; under 24, Ana Jennifer García Torres and Víctor Daniel Fuentes Guerrero; while in compound only one, Diego Ávila Camacho.



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