Arturo Reyes spoke of the possibility of directing the senior team | Queiroz, Ramón Jesurún today | Colombia selection

The name of Arturo Reyes sounded again to be in the Colombian National Team, because for Ramón Jesurún it is a possibility that he will return, since he has known him for many years, he had him in the U-20 and U-23 categories, and gave him his support even to let him resign and lead Junior de Barranquilla.

This Wednesday, Reyes spoke with Caracol Radio and was clear when talking about a return to the Tricolor.

“I have not heard that part, I have limited myself to watching the news. I have not heard that possibility from his mouth, surely if you say it, it is because he commented on it, I think that any Colombian coach would like to lead the senior team, it is the best for any coach, ”Reyes commented.

The coach added: “I think I have done the job in the lower categories, a good job in my concept, after that I had the opportunity to lead the senior team in preparation matches, I felt very comfortable. Logically, I was clear that I was not going to be the coach, that was momentary while the Federation found a coach, I always said so”.

“The idea in those games was always to call the largest number of players who had a good moment, along with the players who could still be in the senior team. That’s what we did in those games.”

And Reyes did not hesitate to accept his desire to lead Colombia: “Any Colombian coach would like to have the opportunity to lead a larger team.



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