Ancelotti laughs at Pochettino’s outing about Mbappé’s future

The Madrid coach obviously gives only limited credit to the words of his Parisian counterpart.

Will stay, won’t stay? The Mbappé soap opera is in full swing at the moment, waving the gazettes on both sides of the Pyrenees a few weeks from the end of the season and the contract of the person concerned. A soap opera in which Mauricio Pochettino put his two cents on Thursday, at a press conference, saying that there is “100%chances of seeing Bondy’s star wear the French capital’s club tunic at the start of the 2022-23 campaign. “That’s how I feel today but you never know what will happen in football“added the Argentine technician, while “KM” is promised to Real Madrid by several Iberian sources.

Info or intox from the Paris-SG coach? One thing is certain: Kylian Mbappé repeats over and over that he has not yet decided. And Leonardo believes it. Carlo Ancelotti, he remains calm. Before facing Espanyol on Saturday (4:15 p.m.), a match that could allow Real to record their title of Spanish champion, the Madrid coach had fun with the words of his Parisian counterpart. “Coaches can’t tell the whole truth in a press conference, that’s normal“, Slipped the Italian, also ensuring that the Casa Blanca is only focused on two things: “win (against Espanyol) and Wednesday (in C1 against City)“. As for Mbappé, who is aiming for the titles of top scorer and passer in L1, the suspense therefore remains intact.



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