An All-Star teases the arrival of Zach LaVine in his team!

At the end of the contract this summer, Zach LaVine should interest people in the free agent market. A big player from the West has also encouraged him to come and join him… Given what happened a year ago, such an outcome would in any case be quite amusing.

This was clearly seen in the playoffs, Zach LaVine was not 100% physically. Statistically, the back of the Bulls was only a shadow of himself against the Bucks, finishing with 18 points (43% shooting, 37% from distance), 5 rebounds and 6 assists on average. In addition to that, the shocking revelations about the condition of his knee indicate that he will need surgery during the offseason, and he could miss the start of the 2022-23 regular season if his recovery does not progress quickly.

All this is necessarily worrying, especially for a player who is above all known for his incredible athletic qualities. Still, that shouldn’t stop him from getting quite a few offers this summer. Because the former T-Wolves is a free agent from June, and can sign wherever he wants. We are talking about a guard capable of shooting more than 25 points per game without shaking on his best days, with a peak of 27.4 units last year.

Dejounte Murray campaigning for ZLV to join Spurs

Unsurprisingly, many leaders are interested in his case, but the dunkeur’s peers are also already going out of their way to convince him to join them. On the San Antonio side, for example, Dejounte Murray has already launched the seduction operation in an anything but subtle way. In a since-deleted tweet, with the league possibly sanctioning him for tampering, the Texans point guard posted ZLV in a photo montage, showing him in home gear:

Spurs are facing a drastic change on the bench, as Gregg Popovich is likely to retire. What better way to start a new cycle than to recruit a superstar, especially since the leaping LaVine would form an ultra-promising duo alongside Murray. Both are fast, complete and can match on their own. On the other hand, they are also fragile, which could pose a problem for the front office of SA.

If he were to join the neo-All-Star in the Western Conference, however, LaVine would take the opposite path to DeMar DeRozan, who arrived in a sign-and-trade in Chicago a few months ago. Be careful, however, not to forget the competition, especially the Lakers. The Taurus has been linked with the Pourpres et Ors on numerous occasions in recent years, and he is a client of the Klutch Sports agency, as is LeBron James et Anthony Davis.

The Spurs could therefore race to recruit Zach LaVine, even if only Dejounte Murray seems to express the wish at present. However, we are certain that other players across the NBA share his opinion of evolving with the crazy dunker.



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