América de Cali: Tulio Gómez condemns the murder of a young promise for stealing his cell phone | Outrage | outside of football

Mourning in America de Cali. A vile murder of a young promise for stealing her cell phone, shocked the scarlet club, and unleashed the wrath of Tulio Gómez, the team’s largest shareholder.

Tulio condemned the events that occurred this weekend, showing all his pain for the death of Miller Stiven Falla, 15, who was shot in the abdomen in the middle of a robbery to steal his mobile phone.

“These damn thieves murdered a child for stealing a cell phone (…) they should shoot all those murderers,” wrote Tulio Gómez on his Twitter account, outraged by what happened on Saturday, April 2, in Bogotá.

Miller Stiven Falla, played in a team affiliated with the minor divisions of América de Cali, and died in the town of Kennedy, in Bogotá, by criminals who would be foreigners.

So said Jhon Falla, father of the murdered minor, who revealed that his son died in a robbery of which he was a victim along with two schoolmates.

“They cut off the future of an athlete child. Since he was 5 years old he trained soccer, he had been training soccer for 10 years, he didn’t deserve that they do one of these things to my son. Please, I demand justice”, said Jhon Falla, father of the soccer player who dreamed of going further in América de Cali.



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