Absolute dominance. Champion Volkanovski played with the Korean zombie as a cat with a mouse

Korean fighter Chan Sung “Korean Zombie” Jung watched his second title match a record 3,171 days, a new UFC record. However, if he knew what awaited him in the match with the Australian Alexander Volkanovsky, he would quite possibly change his mind. In the fight for the championship belt, the spring weight completely burned down.

In the very beginning, Jung was all the more active and even came up with two well-suited directives. Gradually, however, Volkanovski began to take the initiative, demonstrating that he had a good blow and left a red mark on Jung’s hard left back in the form of a red face. In addition, he constantly appropriated the entire first round with a constant attack.

The second round also belonged to Volkanovski. He was still putting a lot of pressure on his opponent, which almost led to the end of the match after about two minutes. Jung danced completely with one of the blows, but the Korean miraculously managed to get out of this situation and held out until the final gong.

The third round was already reminiscent of the biblical murder of innocents. Volkanovski completely dominated his opponent and played with him like a rag doll. Jung looked as if he had stuck his head in a hive with really wild bees, but he still didn’t want to give up and heroically accepted one blow after another. However, he still preferred to check on the doctor during the break, who eventually allowed him to continue.

But Jung’s performance didn’t last long. Volkanovski showered him with another spray from the beginning of the fourth round, and the Korean was already completely passive at that moment. Referee Herb Dean ended the duel after 45 seconds. Absolutely dominant victory.

Volkanovski once again demonstrated that the spring weight is well deserved and that it will be very difficult to overthrow him. Jung was literally cut off from this defeat. He held back tears in vain and even indicated in a post-match interview that the end of his career was at stake. But first he says he needs time to settle his thoughts and then he comes up with a final verdict.



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