A third woman has brought charges against Trevor Bauer

Yesterday, Trevor Bauer received a two-year suspension from MLB for violating the league’s domestic violence and sexual assault policy. That’s on top of the games he’s been missing for a year while on administrative leave.

The policy has been around for six years and 16 guys have since been suspended. The top 15 have all accepted their fate, be it 15 or 85 games, but not Bauer. The latter received (by far) the biggest suspension of the lot and he is the only one not to accept it since he continues to claim to be innocent.

He therefore does not want a reduced sentence, but no longer wants a sentence at all from Major League Baseball.

And let’s say it’s a file that makes people talk. After all, it is highly likely to end the pitcher’s career as clubs are unlikely to want to sign him in 2024.

Many people wonder why Bauer was suspended when he was cleared in civil proceedings. What you need to know is that MLB has the right to hold its own investigation and draw its own conclusions. Rob Manfred can therefore go where justice cannot necessarily go.

And clearly, the commissioner had to know that a third woman filed new charges against the pitcher. This may explain the long suspension.

It is via the Washington Post that we learn that Bauer would have, between 2013 and 2014, assaulted a woman from Ohio during sex.

The launcher denied the facts via his Twitter account.

So this is in addition to the case of that other woman from Ohio who claims he was violent with her during sex in 2018 and the case of the woman from California last year, for which Bauer was accused and cleared by justice.

Don’t expect to see the pitcher on a Major League Baseball mound anytime soon.

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