A Spar Girona, without a break, continues its private marathon in Lugo

“It was a beautiful and very intense match. The almost full Fontajau has made a difference “, said Alfred Julbe a few minutes after the suffering victory against Perfumerías Avenida on Thursday by a point. Today in Lugo (8pm), Uni Girona will not have the warmth of their fans but will try to take advantage of the momentum of victory. With two games to go in the regular season, Girona are dreaming of a combination of results that could make them start this phase in second place.

To make that possible, the team would have to win; and expect Valencia Basketball, who have only one game left to finish the regular season, to lose to Araski this afternoon (17:00). These two results, combined with a victory on Tuesday (8pm) at Gernika in the last duel of the League, would make Girona second because they have the average win over Valencia. “I think the game will be very demanding. Physically we arrive tired because we have just played against Perfumerías Salamanca, a team that always demands a lot of demands. In addition, for Ensino it is the last game of the season and they will go for it all. So, I come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun. In short, it will be a complicated duel, but I trust that we will get out of it, said the player Maria Araújo yesterday in the previous one.

The team already knows against whom the first eliminatory one of the final phase of the season could play: the fifth and sixth position of the classification will be disputed by the IDK and the Casademont Saragossa in the last party.


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