A professional baseball umpire in the Showa era, who was recognized for his achievements and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame …: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Nobuaki Nidegawa, who was a professional baseball umpire in the Showa era and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame for his achievements, is known for dismissing protests saying “I am a rulebook.” Therefore, in the final round, it is said that the judgment on the pitching side of the lead side became stricter. It is said that Kazuhisa Inao, a Tetsuwan, was judged to be a ball that was lightly thrown in the middle, and when he got off the mound and complained, he said, “It’s not enough for Inao-kun’s ball.” I was taught by a column by former NHK announcer Yoshio Nishida, who was active in sports. It seems that Mr. Shirai received that he was dissatisfied with the decision, although he was a young right-hand man who had just achieved a perfect game with no runners. It was sent. The chief referee pointed out to Mr. Shirai that “there was another method.” It seems that even if you pay attention to your attitude, you should be calm, such as through a catcher. “I felt complimented and entered the next motion comfortably.” ▼ While making a rough judgment, dodge protests and put the players on well. Is it the subtleties of humanity that the referee should pass through?



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