A big player enters Czech esport! Sinners introduced a new partner

Kaufland is the first retail chain in the Czech Republic to enter the world of sports. It follows the latest trends in the field of entertainment and lifestyle of young people, because professional video game (esport) has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years, and the Czechia is no exception.

The largest Czech sports tournaments and leagues are watched by hundreds of thousands of fans live online or chanted directly in the stands. The largest domestic competitions include Sazka eLeague or the Czech PC Games Championship. And it is the Liberec “sinners” from the Sinners team that have been taking first places in these tournaments since their inception in 2020, and they are not only gaining success on the Czech scene. This is one of the reasons why Sinners was the first choice for Kaufland to join Czech sports.

Czech sports organization Sinners with partners

Kaufland’s decision to enter the world of sports is a progressive move to target a new group of young customers with a group of computer game players in the Czech Republic. The Sinners sports team has professional players in several electronic sports: League of Legends, CS: GO, FIFA, Rocket League or Trackmania, and Sinners fans are well known for their sense of fair play, humor and massive support from their favorite team, where they often chant: “Sinners Winners!”

“The partnership between Sinners and Kaufland brings a new form of cooperation, where our company joins the world of sports. We want to expand our target group with new young customers and transfer Kaufland’s commitment to healthy and fresh eating habits to the online environment. With our healthy nutrition products, we want to support players in better performance and good condition “, explains Pavel Kulfánek, Head of CRM at Kaufland ČR.

But the partnership between Sinners and Kaufland has a deeper meaning than just getting closer to the young generation who support electronic sports. Both sides place great emphasis on nutrition and proper nutrition.

“We are very pleased to welcome a major brand such as Kaufland to the world of sports. And we are thrilled that the choice of how to reach this “digital natives” target group fell on our Sinners team. Offering financial support and healthy fresh products from Kaufland is absolutely crucial for us as a Sinners sports team and for our players, because it will allow us to In addition, we are confident that the content and marketing that will emerge from this partnership will set a new and better standard in the sport. Welcome to SINNERS, “said Max Euler, co-owner and manager of Sinners Esports.

The Czech sports organization Sinners is the number one on the Czech scene in CS: GO.

Kaufland and Sinners announced the partnership through the “Sinners Shoppers Party” VIP event, which you could watch live on the Twitch stream, with other Sinners partners and influencers, including the largest Czech Twitch streamer Agrael, and a drone show at the iconic Ještěd. on Thursday, April 14, to see more than a hundred flying drones, which formed in the air into glowing patterns connected with a popular sports team and retail chain.

The whole announcement was not only a celebration of partnership and sport, but also a significant gesture by Kaufland towards people under the age of 35 and recognition of their generation-specific lifestyle.

Not only the players play an important role for Kaufland, but also their parents, who also play here and there or at least remember that they played computer games. And today they know that their children need a healthy lifestyle and psychological support, in short, a background to win the game, as well as in life.



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