2nd League | Bremen vs. Kiel in the live ticker: Füllkrug also hits the back

76. Minute – Substitution

Finn Porath

Finn Porath

Lewis Holtby

Lewis Holtby

Substitution Lewis Harry Holtby Finn-Dominik Porath

75. MinuteWerder Bremen now has about 15 minutes left to maybe get three more points. With two own goals, Bremen robbed themselves of the rewards of their own work, because the hosts were actually already 2-0 up against Kiel.

73. Minute – Substitution

Niklas Schmidt

Niklas Schmidt

Romano Schmid

Romano Schmid

With the hosts, Schmidt now comes on for Schmid.

own goal!
71. Minute – Own goal!

Anthony Jung

Goooooooooor! SV Werder Bremen – HOLSTEIN KIEL 2:2! Young hits the wrong goal! The guests combine on the left into the penalty area, van den Bergh then crosses into the centre, where Wriedt gets the ball, but ultimately Jung puts it into his own goal.

69. MinuteFüllkrug needs just a few seconds, because the goalscorer changes shoes without further ado for the remaining 20 minutes or so of this encounter.

Yellow card
67. Minute – Yellow card

Romano Schmid

Romano Schmid

Bremen’s Schmid comes a step too late with his tackle in midfield against Holtby and only hits his opponent. But the Austrian sees yellow.

65. MinuteWhen Kiel counterattacked, Rapp saved in the penalty area just before Wriedt rushed in and thus possibly prevented Kiel from equalizing.

63. MinuteDue to the chances that Bremen already had after the restart, a third goal for the hosts would now be well deserved.

62. MinuteJung crosses the ball from the left of the penalty area into the center and Ducksch uses it for a diving header. The shot would have gone right into the corner if Dähne hadn’t gotten the ball thanks to a strong save.

59. MinuteReese crosses the ball from the left of the penalty area at full speed in the direction of the six-yard box. But none of his teammates gets the ball there, only Bremen goalkeeper Pavlenka.

58. MinuteJung crosses the ball halfway from the left of the penalty area and very sharply to the near post. Weiser can’t get the tip of his foot and Werder misses the next top chance to make it 3-1.

Yellow card
56. Minute – Yellow card

Alexander Mühling

Alexander Mühling

Kiels Mühling sees a yellow card for a hard entry in midfield.

54. MinuteBittencourt just takes off from about 20 meters. This time Dähne has some problems despite the quite central shot, but is ultimately able to fend off the ball somehow.

52. MinuteThe first few minutes of this second round are really extremely fast-paced and there are chances for both sides.

51. MinuteAgain there is another top chance in Bremen, this time for Agu. This is actually served ideally in the six-yard box, he tries to finish in the direction of the left corner, but Korb throws himself into the path of the shot and blocks the ball in dire need.

50. MinutePavlenka holds! The Werder keeper was able to block a Wriedt shot from the left in the penalty area in the direction of the far corner with his left foot, preventing Kiel from equalizing.

49. MinuteFollowing a cross from the left in the half field in the direction of the penalty spot, Füllkrug heads in and only puts the ball just wide of the box to the right.

48. MinuteSkrzybski shoots from about 20 meters from the half-left of the penalty area. The low shot of the Kieler ultimately goes quite clearly to the left of the goal.

47. MinuteDucksch tries a free kick from the left of the penalty area with a direct shot in the direction of the long corner. Keeper Dähne is attentive and just steers the ball over the crossbar with one hand.


46. MinuteWe continue in Bremen.

At half-time in the second division game between Werder Bremen and Holstein Kiel, the hosts lead 2-1 thanks to goals from Füllkrug and Ducksch (penalties). Shortly before the half-time whistle, Kiels Wriedt reduced the lead from a corner to 1:2 from the point of view of the Storks, who until then had done little on the offensive.

First half whistle

45. Minute (+3)Halftime in Bremen.

own goal!
45. Minute (+2) – Own goal!

Niclas filling jug

Goooooooooor! SV Werder Bremen – HOLSTEIN Kiel 2:1! Filling jug hits the wrong goal! After a corner that was not well clarified, Wriedt takes a shot from about twelve meters in the penalty area. This wouldn’t have been dangerous at all, but Füllkrug deflected the ball unstoppable and so it landed exactly in the left corner to make it 1:2 from the Kiel team’s point of view.

Yellow card
45. Minute – Yellow card

Mitchell Weiser

Mitchell Weiser

Werders Weiser sees a yellow card for a tactical foul in midfield against Pichler.

44. MinuteKiel’s attacks mostly end near the middle line because the hosts work very aggressively against the ball.

40. MinuteAgu slams the ball straight into Skrzybski’s face in an attempted clearance from close range. Referee Willenborg was probably so shocked by this direct hit that he did not penalize a clear foul play by Skrzybski in this scene with a yellow card. The man from Kiel went to work in this scene with his leg stretched out.

37. MinuteEven with a little more ball possession, Kiel can hardly get through Bremen’s well-stacked defense.

33. MinuteKiel’s Pichler is slightly injured, the Austrian was hit in a duel with Jung.

32. MinuteAfter a wide cross to the right into the penalty area, Weiser can no longer quite get the ball, otherwise he would have had a great chance.

29. MinuteWith the 2-0 in the back, Werder are now withdrawing a little further in phases, then lurking for ball wins and counterattack opportunities.

25. MinuteAfter a duel in midfield, Bremen’s Bittencourt is injured, so the German-Brazilian currently has to be treated on the field.

23. Minute – TOOOR!

Marvin Ducksch

gooooooool! SV WERDER BREMEN – Holstein Kiel 2:0! Ducksch transforms confidently! The striker steps up to take the penalty due, misses keeper Dähne and sinks the ball in the left corner to make it 2-0 for Bremen.

Yellow card
23. Minute – Yellow card

Simon Lorenz

Simon Lorenz

Kiels Lorenz also sees a yellow card for his handball.

video proof

22. MinutePenalty for Bremen! After a header from Füllkrug, Lorenz gets the leather in the penalty area on his hand, which is stretched far away from his body. Referee Willenborg reassures himself using the VAR pictures and then decides on a penalty for the hosts.

20. MinuteA good 20 minutes are over in the game between Bremen and Kiel. Already in the 2. nd minute, the hosts scored the lead through Füllkrug and are also the more active team in this first phase of the encounter.

17. MinuteBremen’s Agu starts a flick on the left in the penalty area, which ultimately turns out to be too central. Kiel’s goalkeeper Dähne catches the leather sovereign.

14. MinuteGruev, who has moved up, shoots from about six meters on the left of the penalty area while falling. With the last effort he can still get the ball in the direction of the goal, but the shot lacks any sharpness and precision. Keeper Dähne picks up the leather with certainty.

11. MinuteFüllkrug has even more self-confidence after his goal. He just tries a shot from about 25 yards out. But this goes very far to the right over the gate.

9. MinuteThe Kielers achieve the supposed equalizer through Holtby. The former HSV pro pushes the ball over the line after an uncertainty from Pavlenka to make it 1-1, but the goal was offside, so the goal is correctly disallowed.

7. MinuteWerder Schmid was warned by referee Willenborg to be a little more careful after a somewhat harder start in midfield.

6. MinuteThe hosts stay on the trigger after the early 1:0, the Werner-Elf consistently plays forward and pushes for the second goal.

4. MinuteThe favorite has now taken an early lead in today’s game. For Füllkrug it was already the 17th goal of the season, so the striker played a large part in the fact that Bremen are very close to being promoted again shortly before the end of the season.

2. Minute – TOOOR!

Niclas filling jug

Niclas filling jug

Template Mitchell Wise

gooooooool! SV WERDER BREMEN – Holstein Kiel 1:0! Filling jug hits the corner! Bremen take the lead immediately with the first attack. After an Agu cross from the left to the near post, Weiser extended the ball to the right in front of the goal with his heel. There is Füllkrug and sinks the ball into the left corner to make it 1-0 for Bremen.


1. MinuteIt starts in Bremen.

Before the game startsThe game will be directed by referee Frank Willenborg from Osnabrück.

Before the game startsThe first round duel between Kiel and Werder Bremen was won by the hosts 2-1 on matchday 15. Mees and Pichler scored for Kiel, and Füllkrug equalized for Werder.

Before the game startsThe storks from Kiel have also been on the up again recently. After four defeats in a row, there were at least two wins, two draws and only one defeat from the last five second division matches.

Before the game startsAt least the Kielers got a point by beating Heidenheim 1:1. Lorenz gave the hosts the lead in the 56th minute, and 15 minutes later Kleindienst equalized for Heidenheim.

Before the game startsBremen has now been unbeaten in the second Bundesliga for five games in a row. The Hanseatic League brought two wins and three draws.

Before the game startsWerder Bremen scored big points in the second Bundesliga matchday in the fight for promotion. Coach Werner’s team won 4-1 at Schalke. In addition to Ducksch’s brace, Gruev and Füllkrug scored for Bremen.

Before the game startsFor Holstein Kiel, on the other hand, things are looking good with the goal of staying up. With three games still to be played, the Kielers currently have 39 points and a nine-point lead over the relegation place.

Before the game startsBefore today’s northern derby, Werder Bremen were at the top of the table in the 2nd Bundesliga with 57 points and thus have the best chance of achieving direct promotion, which those responsible at the beginning of the season also set as a goal.

Before the game startsAfter the previous 31 match days, there are already 18 points between today’s opponents Werder Bremen and Holstein Kiel in the table of the 2nd Bundesliga.

Before the game startsCompared to the 1-1 draw against Heidenheim, the Kiel team are now playing with slightly different personnel. Instead of Gelios and Ignjovski, Dähne and Pichler will join Coach Rapp’s team.

Before the game startsThe Kiel team line up with the following eleven: Dähne – Korb, Lorenz, Thesker, van den Bergh – Mühling, Holtby, Skrzybski, Reese – Wriedt, Pichler.

Before the game startsWith the hosts, coach Werner trusts exactly the starting eleven that recently won 4-1 at Schalke.

Before the game startsBremen plays in the following formation: Pavlenka – Rapp, Friedl, Jung – Weiser, Gruev, Agu, Bittencourt, Schmid – Füllkrug, Ducksch.

Before the game startsWelcome to the 2nd Bundesliga match of the 32nd matchday between Werder Bremen and Holstein Kiel.



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