2. Bundesliga: Dynamo Dresden shocks Fortuna Düsseldorf late – Bundesliga

One coach cannot lose – the other cannot win!

Düsseldorf and Dresden each changed their coaches in the current season. While Fortuna landed a real stroke of luck with Daniel Thioune (47), Dynamo went wrong with Guerino Capretti (40).

For Thioune, the 2-2 win against Dresden was the 10th game with his new club – ten times it was undefeated. It’s a completely different story with Capretti: he didn’t win a single game out of 7…

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Still waiting for his first Fortuna goal! Iyhoa is important for Düsseldorf, but has not yet scoredFoto: Getty Images

The Dresden bankruptcy would have been more than deserved up to the 70th minute! Düsseldorf is the game-determining team from the start, creates one chance after the other and then rewards itself with a double strike:

► 26 minutes: Dream combination between Iyoha and Narey. He could finish it himself, but sees the completely free Appelkamp, ​​who only has to slide into the empty goal to make it 1-0. Madness: For Narey it is already the 15th goal preparation this season – the ex-Hamburger will probably be very difficult to keep.

► Only 5 minutes later, central defender de Wijs celebrates his goal debut in Düsseldorf: Dynamo keeper Broll is able to fend off his first attempt after a corner, but he is powerless when it comes to the follow-up shot – 2: 0 (31st).

Suddenly the dynamo turns on

The game was over with this hit – believe EVERYONE!

But Dynamo doesn’t give up and fights back into the game. First Will shortens with his goal (71st), then Königsdörffer even scores the 2:2 equaliser.


In the stands, the Fortuna fans are already celebrating relegation, which would have been arithmetically fixed with the win. But the party has to be called off because Dresden Düsseldorf is still shocking after being 2-0 down.

Nevertheless: The Rhinelanders have 8 points 3 games before the end of the season and the clearly better goal difference ahead of the relegation place – nothing should happen anymore.

Dynamo is still there – and somehow doesn’t move. For the Saxons it smells like an extension of the season and two extra games against the 3rd in the 3rd league…



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