11 medals. Incredible gold trio for Giulia Dogoter

The golden moment continues for the swimming section of the Garden, which went into the pool with Beginners A and B in the Regional finals held over the weekend in Riccione: 37 finals played and 11 medals won the final score for the athletes of via Euterpe who five golds, four silvers and two bronzes were worn around the neck. To mention among the rookies B the incredible trio of golds for Giulia Dogoter in the 50 and 100 backstrokes and in the 100 butterfly and the fantastic third place for Sveva Righetti in the 100 backstrokes.

Among the rookies A stand out instead Liam Casini, with 3 silvers and a gold (100 and 200 back, 100 butterfly and 200 style). Among the girls excellent results also for Ginevra Righetti who won 3 medals, gold in the 100 butterfly, silver in the 100 medley and bronze in the 200 backstroke. In addition to their excellent results from all participants and a dozen improved social records.

“An edition of the Regionals to be framed: 37 disputed finals gives the dimension of good work raised by the social technicians. Both among the Beginners B and the A our small company has stood out: this is the result of a work begun years now and also of the ability of our good technicians who do everything to make the boys fall in love with this splendid sport “declares sporting director Fabio Bernardi.


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