WWM: FC Bayern employee desperate for a football question – TV

WWM: FC Bayern employee desperate for a football question – TV

She had guessed it…

“Who wants to be a millionaire?” Candidate Annabelle Glatt dreaded the obligatory football question on Monday evening. The 29-year-old works at FC Bayern and feared she would embarrass herself then. When it came to 16,000, the moment had come.

In the club, the Munich native is responsible for personnel issues off the pitch. In Jauch’s previous show, the FC Bayern employee already gambled away 8,000 euros. The current issue only dealt with football.

The moderator wanted to know from her: “Which federal state is currently represented with the most clubs in the first men’s Bundesliga?” A: Bavaria, B: Baden-Württemberg, C: Saxony or D: North Rhine-Westphalia.

Jauch teased: “Actually a dream question.” His candidate’s joy was limited. “I knew that they wanted to lure me out of my reserve with such a question.” The moderator suggested that she name all the clubs in the federal states mentioned. Annabelle tried that too, but broke off in the middle. She feared knowledge gaps. “I don’t know whether I should continue to list and make a fool of myself in front of my colleagues – or whether I prefer to think quietly.”

Besides, she’s too excited. An excuse that Günther Jauch did not want to accept. He countered: “You’re here for the second time, you know how things are going and you’ve been asked a football question. You can’t come to me with excitement.” So the candidate became even more insecure. Embarrassed, she joked: “Maybe I’ll have the warning on the table soon.”

In order to get out of the number without embarrassment, Annabelle wanted to call a colleague. A great idea, said Jauch. “Then it hits both of them at once if he doesn’t get it right. Then everything will be fine again.” The quiz master thought he already knew how things could turn out. Jauch: “I’ll write the result of the call on a piece of paper and put it here in the middle.” Only then did he ring Annabell’s colleague.

He tapped North Rhine-Westphalia as if shot from a pistol. The single lady logged in and was told the answer was correct. Instead, Jauch had made a mistake. On his note was a malicious “Hey, hey, hey!” The moderator: “I had doubts and wanted to put them down. I made a mistake there.”

In his quiz show, Annabelle cleared 32,000 euros. She wants to put some of the money into her birthday party.


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