Wow! These are the Fantastic Prizes in the World Cup Received by the Champion and Participants

SOREANG JOURNAL – The World Cup is a topic that is always interesting to be discussed, especially by football lovers around the world.

In addition to presenting an exciting and enjoyable match to watch, there are many intrigues that cause emotional situations for every World Cup connoisseur.

In addition to being the highest supremacy in football, the World Cup is also a moment that can boost several lines.

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One of them is that the World Cup can boost the popularity of players or the coffers of money and wealth because it turns out that the prizes given to the team that won the World Cup are not small.

Reporting from the Statista website, every year the number of prizes given to World Cup winners has increased.

And the most significant was during the 2018 World Cup in Russia where the prize increase was very far when compared to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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The amount of prizes that were disbursed at the 2018 World Cup was 791 million US dollars while in 2014 it was only 576 million US dollars.



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