Women’s Basketball – UPS


The basketball group is aimed at all people who like and are passionate about sports, it is a space that promotes unity, trust, respect and discipline on and off the court, framed with a single purpose, which is to enjoy basketball.

Participating in major sporting events is his dream, without neglecting the importance of his studies.

The main objective is to execute and strengthen the tactical technical fundamentals of basketball as a means of comprehensive training for the UPS student, promoting a healthy lifestyle through training.


The ASU Basketball group’s main MISSION is to develop sports and recreational activities as a comprehensive training process for young people through activities aimed at massification and social and community integration, which will allow us personal growth, work as a team and the promotion of sports culture at UPS.


Our VISION is to offer, institute and continue with a space that promotes the teaching of basketball, especially in the stimulation and development of skill work, application of technical-tactical fundamentals, taking into account and hand in hand the human and personal training of the players. students, establishing as one of the main goals for each of the players, the acquisition and development of values ​​and positive habits that help them in the present and prepare them for the future.



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