Will Smith – not his first slap! What three old videos show – people

After the Oscar slap, more and more details came to light, and disciplinary proceedings were initiated against the Hollywood star.

And old videos that are now boiling up again show: Will Smith (53) has already threatened a TV presenter in front of the camera because he was the protector of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith (50). Another comedian got a slap for a joke on a red carpet in Moscow.

Both clips have now appeared in the USA. And they’re unlikely to help the former clean man’s crumbling image…

The first video can be heard as the brand new Oscar winner (best leading role for “King Richard”), who playfully slapped Chris Rock (57) in the face at the awards ceremony on Sunday in front of an audience of millions, an interview partner, but unmistakably threatens: “Be careful what you say to my wife!”

The recordings are from 2010. Pablo Motos, a comedian and presenter of the popular Spanish TV show “El Hormiguero” (“The Anthill”) was then married to Will Smith, his wife Jada Pinkett and their son Jaden (now 23). Guest. The Spaniard flirts with Smith’s wife, telling her what a great career she has AND how “beautiful” she is.

At this point, Will Smith raises his hand in warning. Then, in fluent Spanish, he says, “Pablo, be very careful what words you use for my wife, okay?” The presenter raises his hands, steps back. Jaden, who was still small at the time, shook his head. Will’s wife Jada laughs:

Smith then signals the comedian to allow him to continue with the interview. He leans over the much smaller Spaniard to signal that he is listening carefully. The audience laughs and the situation is saved.

Another video shows scenes from 2012 in Moscow. At that time, cinema star Will pushed away and slapped Ukrainian joke reporter Vitalii Sediuk on the red carpet at the presentation of “Men in Black III”.

Reason: The presenter kissed the US star on the cheek for the camera and said that this was a Ukrainian tradition. Smith later claims, “He wanted to kiss me on the mouth. He’s lucky I didn’t give him a surprise hook.”

Only a joke? Possible. But since Will Smith’s Sunday freak out, everything has been put in a new light. Even at the Oscars, everything looked harmless at first.

Smith laughed at the jokes of Chris Rock, who compared Jada Pinkett to the character from the movie “GI Jane” (Demi Moore as a recruit in the US elite unit Navy Seals) because of her shaved head.

Suddenly, Will angrily marched onto the stage and slapped Rock in the face.

He then mobbed from his seat: “Keep my wife’s name out of your f…ing mouth”. Only to later tearfully seek an explanation while accepting his Oscar. His wife suffers from a disease that causes hair loss. Will apologized to the Academy on the Oscars stage – and a day later on Instagram to Chris Rock.

Will Smith made fun of baldness

A third video, which is now doing the rounds, shows an old gag by Will Smith himself. About 20 years ago, the young acting star made fun of hair loss on TV on “The Arsenio Hall Show”. He joked about the show band’s bassist’s bald head in 1991!

“He has to let his head grow every morning,” Will scoffed at the time. The reaction of the audience? There were boos for Smith, who then relented, “Guys, come on. That was just a joke”. And then laughed.

A clip that now has a stale aftertaste.



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