“We are not doing things that badly”, affirms captain Diego Mariño

Diego Mariño, one of the captains of the squad, confessed that “the locker room is psyched about the new objective”, alluding to the fight that Sporting now has ahead of them in the last eleven games that are missing in the League to finish off the competition. The Galician goalkeeper accepted some mistakes, but said that “we are not doing things that badly”.

The Sporting dressing room was yesterday very affected by the result. Babin, another of the captains and leaders of the team, pointed to the problems of the rojiblanco team to know how to manage depending on what situations, such as defending advantages on the scoreboard. “We are not knowing how to manage the results when we are in favor of the scoreboard,” he said about that lack that the French central defender has been repeating in recent games. “In Leganés we risk our lives”, stressed the Atletico defender.

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