War in Ukraine: World Taekwondo Federation revokes Putin’s black honorary belt

After the World Judo Federation revoked his honorary presidency, Russian President Vladimir Putin lost another award from a sports association because of the invasion of Ukraine.

The World Taekwondo Federation withdrew the 69-year-old’s honorary black belt, which was awarded in 2013. At the same time, the association sharply condemned “the brutal attacks on innocent lives in the Ukrainethat go against World Taekwondo’s vision of “peace is more precious than triumphs” and the values ​​of “respect and tolerance”.

Like other sports organizations, the Taekwondo Association imposed sanctions on male and female athletes Russia and Belarus. During competitions, neither the flags of the two countries nor their anthems are played. The World Federation and the European Taekwondo Union will no longer organize or recognize competitions in Russia or Belarus.

After Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine with the support of Belarus, World Judo Federation had Putin suspended as honorary president and ambassador of the sport. The Kremlin boss is himself a black belt holder.



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