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Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 April it Junior Parma arranges on the diamond of via Paris the first memorial dedicated to Luciano Del Sante – one of the founding fathers of baseball Parmesan, author of the first home run in the history of beat and run and in 2010 awarded the “A life for baseball” award named after Tullo Massera – which will see the teams compete against each other Junior, Collecchio, Crocetta and Sala Baganza for the under 15 category, while in the field of via Budellungo the under 12 Pizzeria Paris trophy will compete for the third, the first Parma Junior prebaseball trophy and the under 13 softball friendlies will be played. At the end of the tournaments, Sunday at 5.30pm in via Parigi, the awards of all the winning teams.

Match detail


SATURDAY 2 APRIL 3.00 pm Collecchio – Junior Parma (Under 15) 5.00 pm Sala Baganza – Crocetta (Under 15) SUNDAY 3 APRIL (CAMPO VIA PARIGI) 10.00 am Junior Parma – Crocetta (Under 15) 11.45 Collecchio – Sala Baganza (Under 15) ) 1.30 pm Junior Parma – Sala Baganza (Under 15) 3.15 pm Crocetta – Collecchio (Under 15) 5.30 pm AWARDS FOR ALL TEAMS


SATURDAY 2 APRIL 11.00 Langhirano – Junior Parma (Prebaseball) 14.15 Junior Parma – Crocetta (Under 12) 16.00 Junior Parma – Collecchio (Softball Under 13) 17.45 Crocetta – Junior Parma (Softball Under 13) SUNDAY 3 APRIL (CAMPO VIA BUDELLUNGO) 10.00 am Junior Parma – Sala Baganza (Prebaseball) 11.30 am Sala Baganza – Langhirano (Prebaseball) 1.15 pm Collecchio – Junior Parma (Under 12) 3.00 pm Crocetta – Collecchio (Under 12)

Info Junior Parma President Mario Caravita 338.6216344 – Vice President Carla They 335.5344616


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