‘Urruti’ and Mariezkurrena, far superior to Zabaleta and Ezkurdia

Urrutikoetxea hits the ball in the presence of Ezkurdia. / inigo royo

They win 22-16 in a match at the Beotibar de Tolosa in which their opponents arrived as favorites

Joseba Lezeta

Two of the ballplayers eliminated from the ranks of Baiko at the conclusion of the first phase came out with answers yesterday, Carnival Monday, at the Beotibar in Tolosa. Mikel Urrutikoetxea and Jon Mariezkurrena prevailed 22-16 over José Javier Zabaleta and Joseba Ezkurdia in a match that pointed to a thrashing with 18-5, despite the low confidence shown by the bettors at the start. The brokers offered odds of 100 to 60, that is, 40 to 100 below. They even closed some 30 to 100 before the first serve.

Urrutikoetxea, who has just finished a good Championship at the individual level although together with Aranguren he finished last in the standings, and Mariezkurrena II, better at the end of the tournament than at the beginning due to his irregularity, played better than Ezkurdia and Zabaleta, very gray at beginning and more intoned later but without reaching the level they treasure. “It has been difficult for us to start,” Zabaleta confessed a few minutes after the game. «We have started ‘erdipurdi’. I felt weird at first. I let go in the second part and I finished well, but it was not possible to win.

Jon Mariezkurrena, who has a lot of ball ahead of him at 22 years old, showed his ability to respond from box nine, a privilege of few defenders. He even dominated Zabaleta in several points. Big words.

Too many mistakes

To Etxarren’s, the hands responded perfectly. “They are fine. They have put up with me throughout the Championship and today too.” It is the best news with a view to a semi-final group that will start for Zabaleta on Sunday in Bilbao. However, yesterday he lacked consistency and had plenty of mistakes. His striker, unable to find angles all afternoon and the author of a couple of resounding errors from the right (12-4 and 21-14), did not push too much either. The first goal of play by the Arbizu striker came at 18-6, a right cut to the left wall. And he scored his first and only left-footed goal, if we except the escape over the plate at 19-11, at 21-16, a cut wide.

Urrutikoetxea and Mariezkurrena II vindicate themselves with a high victory that should support them for future commitments. “We are facing the best ‘Urruti’ of the last two years,” we heard at Beotibar. He parried well on the txoko and crossed the uppercut. He attacked better than he defended in a duel of more mistakes than hits.

The absence of matches of the Couples Championship subtracts competitive interest from the carnival functions and the attendance accused him. It didn’t seem like Carnival Monday inside the Beotibar.



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