Ukraine, the Zebras save the relatives of the rugby players of Kiev – Emilia-Romagna

Women, children, the elderly: 49 people arrived in Parma

The family members of the players of the Kiev RC Polytechnic rugby team arrived in Parma last night on board the bus of the Parma rugby team delle Zebre, involved in the international championship of the United Rugby Championship (the former Celtic League). Many children, women and the elderly, 49 people in all, that the Italian club helped to leave Ukraine to protect their safety.

The bus left Parma last Saturday reaching the town of Barabás on the border between Hungary and Ukraine where, after completing the bureaucratic and health checks, it was able to load the refugees on board. They are all in good health and on their arrival at the Citadel of Rugby in Parma they were welcomed last night by a delegation of Zebre managers and transferred to Corniglio, a municipality in the Parma Apennines where they will be hosted in the structures of the 100 Laghi Cooperative.

The video of the arrival was shared last night by the president of the Zebre, Michele Dalai, and also by the rugby player Maxime Mbandà, knight of the Republic for his volunteer activity on ambulances during Covid, and who in recent days had already contributed to other solidarity initiatives towards the Ukrainian population.

“We did what seemed right to us in a moment like this – underlined Michele Dalai – If we say we are a big family, it is in these situations that we have the opportunity to prove it”. The apprehension remains for the athletes of the Ukrainian rugby team in Kiev who, once their relatives were handed over to the Italian bus, had to return to the country under attack. A fundraiser on GoFundMe for newly arrived families has been activated by the Zebras.