Turbo Golf Racing, game inspired by Rocket League

The first was held Future Games Show of 2022, an event in which great announcements were revealed for users of Xbox Game Pass as some titles that will arrive directly to the subscription service of the console of Microsoft leaving a specific game that reminds Rocket League.

One of the installments that were revealed was Turbo Golf Racinga video game inspired by Rocket League but with a variant, since it is about golf races with cars.

Turbo Golf Racing Trailer for Xbox Game Pass

Developed by the independent studio, Hugecalf Studios, now you must drive cars while pushing gigantic golf balls. The goal is to reach the goal before the other players.

The games can be played by up to eight people with arcade-style gameplay, since you can push and launch missiles at your opponents to seek to take advantage of the circuits. Among other abilities are the power to fly faster, the gravitational ball and more powers that can be equipped in the different vehicles.

The golf courses or circuits will be full of power-ups, which will allow you to overtake rivals, tunnels with shortcuts and obstacles. It should be noted that the cars have wings to be able to advance and glide through the air.

Similarly, as you level up, you can unlock more items to customize your cars.

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Other games announced at the Future Games Show

In addition to revealing the progress of Turbo Golf Racinggames like Maraudersa new first person shooter in which you will have to survive a battlefield, search for loot and craft weapons together with more players.

On the other hand, they also announced Flintlock The Siege of Dawnan open world RPG adventure where humanity is on the brink of extinction.

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