This weekend the ELITE U16 men’s and women’s basketball tournament will start


10/03/2022 – 7:18 PM

At a Press Conference, all the details for the start of the ELITE U16 Men’s and Women’s Tournament were announced; which will have two venues “La Doce Sport Center” on October 12 for the women’s branch (it will be played only on Sundays) and Basketball Center in the Ingenio for the men’s (Sundays and Wednesdays).

This presentation highlighted the use of values ​​in the uniforms of each participating team in the women’s team, which is made up of six (6) teams: Courage, Determination, Humility, Inclusion, Perseverance and Union.

In the men’s branch, the participation of six (6) quintets bearing the name of each coach who were present at the press conference was reported and are as follows: Team Danilo, Team JB, Team Nachito, Team Nicky, Team Pafran and Team Pocholo.

Jair Peralta president of FEPABA spoke about the importance of grassroots tournaments; “In the training categories we have a lot of talent that in the not too distant future will be our representatives in national teams in international competitions; we must not lose sight of this great opportunity.”

The men’s games scheduled for this Sunday, March 13 at the “Basketball Center” facilities from 9:00 a.m., early in the morning Team Nicky vs. Team Danilo.

In the second meeting of the morning at 10:30 am, Team JB will face Team Pocholo and at the close of the opening date at 12:00 pm, Team Pafran will face Team Nachito.

On the basketball courts of “La Doce Sport Center”, headquarters of the women’s, it will be played starting this Sunday, March 13 in the afternoon, from 12:00 noon

Inclusion before Determination; at 1:30 pm, Union will do so against Humildad in the second game and at 3:00 pm, Courage vs. Perseverance, they will close the first day.



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