The robbers chose the wrong house, because it belonged to a famous warrior and he did not let them escape

No stealing! Perhaps this is what a group of three Dutch thieves, who tried to steal one of the houses in the town of Landsmeer last weekend. They chose the worst they could because they broke into the residence of former K-1 star and MMA Melvin Manhoef, who was resting inside at the moment.

When the robbers found out that they were not alone in the house, they immediately grabbed their shoulders and tried to drive. Manhoef, however, did not want to let them flee and took the law into his own hands. He got in his car, hit the thieves and pushed them off the road, which one of the witnesses also described for the regional daily Noordhollands Dagblad.

“I live a few hundred meters away and I have the wreck on my land. She drove two cars there and drove very fast, I think about 100 kilometers per hour. The ones in front tried to get to safety, but in the end they got off the road. The guy who got out of the other car was pretty aggressive, so I preferred to keep a safe distance. “

As you probably know, the “aggressive guy” was Manhoef himself, who behaved exactly after his nickname “No Mercy.” With his bare hands, he smashed one of the side windows, pulled all three thieves out of the car, and waited with them until the police arrived. This is also evidenced by a photo from the Twitter account Beyond Kickboxing.

Manhoef has fought many unforgettable battles in the ring and octagon during his long career, and he does not intend to hang his gloves on a nail, even at the age of 45. He is currently preparing for a match with “Cuban Monster” Yoel Romero, to be held on May 6 in Paris as part of the Bellator 280 tournament.



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