the provisions of the International Federation on the “Russia case” – OA Sport

Between the end of the first stage of the Shooting World Cup and the beginning of the first stage of the Shooting World Cup, the ISSF – the International Federation of Shooting Sports – met in Cairo (seat of the meeting of the best interpreters of pistol and rifle competitions, ed) to clarify its conduct regarding the “Russia case”.

The Executive Committee has made it clear that it intends fully comply with the provisions provided by the IOC and that consequently Russian and Belarusian athletes will be banned from any official competition until further notice.

In addition to this, the ISSF body strongly condemned what happened by expressing its solidarity with the Ukrainian people and the athletes involved in the war. further stressing that the European target shooting and clay pigeon shooting scheduled for the end of August in the Moscow region will be organized in another location.

In the end the ISSF has made it known that it will continue to monitor the situation in a vigilant manner and that if necessary, in agreement with the IOC, it will take further measures on the current situation.

Photo: ISSF / Nicolò Zangirolami



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