the last farewell to the young 30 year old

Sudden death of Alessandro Vitale it had the effect of a straight punch in the stomach. Strong, fierce, firm. Against an entire community, that of Ceglie Messapica, which he loved and respected with his smile, his kindness, his civic commitment. That community that has been in shock since Wednesday evening, when it received the news of the tragic car accident occurred on the provincial Ostuni – Montalbano, but which immediately mobilized to be next to the young man’s family and his beloved Alessia, in pain and tears, waiting for the funeral scheduled for this afternoon at 15 in the Mother Church.

The victim

Alessandro would have turned 30 on March 31st. Former owner of the “Risorgimento Cafè “was employed in a company in Pozzo Faceto, Fasano. A fan of Inter and of the New Ceglie Basketball, he had a life ahead of him and pockets full of dreams. And one of these was about to make it happen: marrying Alessia, the woman of his life. He was happy, in love. He couldn’t wait to get to the altar and say the fateful “Yes”, looking his beloved in the eyes. A beautiful couple, theirs, who deserved the “happily ever after”. And, instead, no. The life that he knows is really bad at times ruined everything the other night: the young man, aboard a Fiat 500, crashed into a cypress tree and the impact left him no way out.
And all those who have had the good fortune to know Alexander are angry with this absurd and cruel life. Good guy, honest worker, good and kind, cheerful and sunny. This is how he is described by many and many friends and relatives, who showered his Facebook profile with affection, publishing photos and anecdotes, telling a beautiful and full story, among other things, of civility.
Alessandro loved Ceglie and wanted to put himself at the service of his city so much so that in 2020 he decided to run for the position of city councilor on the Fdi list, alongside the mayor Angelo Palmisano, to which he was bound by feelings of esteem and friendship. For this reason, yesterday the mayor wanted to remember him with emotion: «Today our city is crying for a simple boy, everyone’s friend! Always ready to lend a hand, to encourage, to cheer up, to participate and also to tease with his simplicity and his grace. A polite boy who gave and demanded respect, humble and curious in asking about anything with a great desire to learn, determined to pursue his dreams with crazy enthusiasm. The last voice message, the last phone call thinking about his biggest dream, getting married with his Alessia. Today I don’t lose a faithful friend, a younger brother, a son. With you, Alessandro, a piece of me goes away. Have a good trip, Ale, and may the earth be light to you ».
Like him, the regional councilor of Fdi, Luigi Caroli: “The news of Alexander’s disappearance leaves us all distressed. Alessandro was smiling and a friend of everyone. We will miss his smile, his friendship and his commitment by our side. Hi Alessandro!”. Condolence was then expressed by the New Ceglie Basketball, who yesterday dedicated his debut match in the league to his supporter: «Certain news always leaves us speechless. A young fan of ours left us after a tragic car accident, always present at home and away to follow the fate of our Ceglie. Rest in peace, Alessandro ». “Hi Alessandro, you will always stay with us,” wrote Ceglie’s Inter Club on social media. This message was joined by the words of the president, Cesare Epifani: “Hello Alessandro, you have left us speechless.”



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