Strickland advises Ukraine to give up. Pole Blachowicz immediately wiped it off and praised the courage of the Ukrainians

American fighter Sean Strickland is known for his unorthodox views (such as that he would like to kill someone, etc.) and also for the fact that he usually speaks first and then thinks. He did not miss the Russian invasion of Ukraine either, and it would not have been Sean if he had not shared a “solution” to ending the war in Ukraine:

“Ukraine should just kneel and become Russia. I understand that it’s a mushroom and yes, you could win. But do you really want to be the new Afghanistan for the next 30 years? I’m not saying it’s right, but this bitter pill will be better in the end. “

Sean Strickland | source: Profimedia

Sean’s tweet was also noticed by the former heavyweight champion, Polish fighter Jan Blachowicz, who has experience as a Pole with Russian imperial appetites. Of course, he disagreed with Strickland and at the same time emphasized the courage of the Ukrainians to defend their country against Putin’s aggression.

“Would you do that? It is easy to give up someone else’s independence. The history of Eastern Europe is full of struggles and suffering. Ukraine – as a country and as a people – has suffered a lot. Their resistance is understandable and admirable. Freedom!”

Blachowicz was not the only one to respond to Strickland’s tweet, and an avalanche of dissent broke out on the UFC fighter on Twitter. Sean responded to this criticism in his own way, calling the critics hypocrites:

“My God, Sean told you to kneel.” Yes, you stupid idiots. All you have to do is sit at your phone and tweet. Will you idiots take a rifle? Will you shoot the Russians out of the apartment before they level it to the ground while the innocent family living below you is killed? No!”

Sean is right that he can consult very easily from behind a cell phone or keyboard, but few would have the courage that Ukrainians have in the fight against Putin’s Russia. The more admiration this nation deserves and the more support it should receive. If you want to contribute to their defense and humanitarian aid, you can send a financial amount, for example, to the account of the Ukrainian embassy in the Czech Republic. Glory to Ukraine!



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